Hi, my name’s Nicola and I’m MsTidyOwl.

Would you like more hours in the day and to stop running on that hamster wheel?

I know that time is precious and when we run our own businesses we never seem to have enough of it!
The challenge is to find a way to use our time wisely and be the most efficient we can. But that's incredibly difficult when we're trying to juggle a thousand things at once!
I can help you structure your time and create processes which will ultimately give you more hours in the day and a more organised, efficient business.

Nicola Laurie

How I can help:

  • We can look at how you structure your time and your business to find practical solutions to your issues.
  • We can make simple changes that will have maximum impact on how you run your business
  • The processes and systems we create will be personal to you and your business. One size DOES NOT fit all!
  • You will have more time to spend on activities that directly make you money.
  • And spend less time looking for things that you 'know are somewhere' and completing administration.
  • You will have more confidence that nothing is being forgotten or overlooked.
  • And more time to spend away from your office. Get your evenings back; your weekends or maybe even take a real holiday next summer!

So if you'd like to gain a few more productive hours a week or you'd just like to get off of that hamster wheel and work a little smarter then please get in touch.


Bouncing ideas back and forth really helped crystallise the steps our business needed to take to streamline our processes.

Nicola listened without trying to apply a “one-size” solution and having successfully implemented her recommendations we would recommend her to all.

Rob Lee

Nicola created a series of systems that have helped me to streamline my business and in turn get it ready to franchise.  Nothing was ever too much trouble and the communication was second to none, she was able to research anything required and then let me know the findings.

Instead of Skype or meeting at a venue I opted for Nicola to come to my house and we were able to pour over the computer without having to worry about being in a public place.  This made me feel relaxed and I could ask her to explain things multiple times if necessary(!) if I didn't understand them.  This is a service I would definitely recommend, I now have systems in place to keep my business on track, organised and my admin under control.

Katie Taborn