VIP Day Plan
  • 90 Minute Blockbuster Call

  • £75.00
  • 90 minute call to work through any issues you may be having with your organisation and time management.
  • A 90 minute call, specific to your needs, designed get you unstuck and moving forward with your time management and organisation.
    During the call we can work on one particular issue that you’re having difficulty with or deal with your general organisation challenges.
    This call will help you:

    • Feel less overwhelmed
    • Save you time
    • Stop you feeling frustrated
    • Help you move forward


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6 Month Plan
  • Business Bible

  • £POA
  • Creation of a Business Bible outlining the processes, procedures and ethos of your business.
  • My solution to the stress and overwhelm caused by having too much information stored in your head.

    The Business Bible is a complete written record of your general business information and processes.

    The information will be gathered through one to one meetings or via Zoom calls.

    Your Business Bible will:

    • Get all of the information on how you run your business out of your head so that you can stop feeling overwhelmed.
    • Save you time as you won’t have to search through your note books of information, notes on your phone and emails.
    • Allow you to quickly and easily outsource key tasks and some of your workload.
    • Ensure your business information is always kept inside the business and not in a single employee’s head.
    • Stop you wasting valuable time trying to remember a process you’ve already created
    • Put you back in control.
    • Give you structure and consistency.
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    Ongoing Support

    After the completion of your package there is the option of the following:

    • Bi-weekly email catch up, help, support and accountability for 6 months.
    • General Support Services. Payable hourly on an ongoing basis. Minimum 4 hours per month.

    Nicola came to see me today and the load already feels lighter and I'm less stressed out! Thank you! 

    Sarah Taylor

    Nicola from MsTidyOwl set up an excellent excel programme for me to manage all my money account, registers, merchandise orders and much more. Before I met Nicola I had files and files of disorganised paperwork for my business. Now I have an organised, easy to use programme set up by MsTidyOwl. I hadn't used Excel before and Nicola was very patient and explained formulas etc to me in depth!

    Thanks to Nicola I now manage my business more efficiently and effectively rather than flicking through piles of paper!!!! Thanks Nicola!

    Ellie Rosling

    I have help from Nicola once a month and her help in sorting out my office is amazing, she does the stuff I hate so it freed me up to do what I love to do . She has helped me get systems in place and is organizing my computer.

    Fiona Coppard